Kreißsaalführerschein: The Leading training course for doctors and midwifes for the labour ward

The training course was founded in 2004 by own internationally renowned team of medical professors with the aspiration to design a theoretical & practical medical training course for obstetricians and midwifes. The concept was designed as a holistic training from patient admission to discharge from the hospital with their new born. In order to provide you with the best education & support our team consist of Germanys leading experts within the field of obstetrics.

The driver's license concept was used as a role model. Acquiring such license requires to learn the fundamentals for operating a vehicle though dangerous situations - which could occur - safely. Midwifes and doctors will be provided with the opportunity to learn how to interpret CTG analysis, receive fundamental experience and profound hands on training on phantoms assisted by our experts in one-on-one sessions.

With the intention of not only supporting you with medical advice but also with relevant legal matters we upgraded our concept with distinguished lawyers within the field of obstetrics. This should put you into a position of servicing your patients even better.

You will receive an A4 folder consisting of teaching materials and scripts from our speakers. This will enable you to study the materials in a structured manner and refresh the acquired knowledge easily whenever you feel the need.

Within the different areas of the website you will find detailed information regarding the training course concept and an introduction of our experts including their resumes. Under the section "Register now" you will find the course program and the online registration form for the available courses.

We appreciate your interest in our training concept and hope to welcome you soon in one of our courses.

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